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Many Moons

Many Moons

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I’m a homebody and always have been. I measure my time at home. It feels like a secret, like how it felt to be home sick as a child. Nobody else gets to see the specific angle of the sun shining through the window at mid-day. It’s just for me. I work, I take a break, I clean, I drink coffee. This life is a dream, these works a dream journal. Glimpses and tidbits of the safest place. A love letter.
As a practicing fine artist and creative director of an art-based product line, k studio, I feel fortunate to have two outlets for creating images. I’ve spent some years focusing on the product side of my practice but I feel it is important to switch gears, look inside, and see what comes to the surface when I enter the studio without the constraints of commerce at the forefront of my mind.

Acrylic and Latex on 1” Cradled Panel
Painting ships from Grand Rapids, Michigan

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