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Great design, green materials, and social responsibility need not be at odds with one another.  In fact, at k studio we think these ideas are inseparable.  We started this company in 2004 with just this idea in mind.

At our growing studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we manage each product from start to finish.  We start with fabric made from some of the most sustainable materials available such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled wool.  Our designs are generated in house and are then embroidered, assembled, packaged, and shipped by our skilled team.

Mary Klein | Shelly Klein

Cookie, May 2008

Bride & Bloom, Spring 2008

Family Circle, January 2008

Blueprint, December 2007

Better Homes and Gardens, November 2007

Solace, Fall/Winter 2007

Lucky, October 2007

People, May 2007

Better Homes and Gardens, March 2007

Better Homes and Gardens, March 2007

Real Simple, March 2007